L-Measure Home Page (Lm v5.3 Released)

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Change Log v1.7

L-Measure Nature Protocols paper is now published. Please refer to our publications page to receive the PDF via email.

L-Measure is now available for the Windows and Linux platform, as well as the Online version Applet.
Note: If you find an error message as: "Your security settings have blocked a signed application from running", please Click here.

The current version of LM exectuable for this release is v5.3.

To run online L-Measure ensure the following

To run standalone L-Measure follow the steps as below

For Linux platform download Lm.

For Windows platform download Lm.

For Mac platform download Lm.

If you don't have the latest Java Virtual Machine, download it.

To execute L-Measure run the following on the command prompt

$java -jar Lm.jar

For linux users make sure to give executable permissions to the jar and exe files before using. Use the 'chmod u+x Lm.*' command

If you need help follow the links below. For further questions drop me an email: Sridevi Polavaram

Suggestion for recommended usage

The Online L-Measure is good to test for a few neurons within size limit < 1MB approximately. But if you desire to run an analysis on huge set of files we recommend you to download the software and run it locally on your machine.

L-Measure Documentation

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Feel free to tell us if there are any bugs in the program or a link to the page


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