This function returns the volume of the compartment.

Formula: PI x    r 2 x h

Function Output Type : Real

Calculated : At each tracing point

Returns a value : For each compartment

Command Line Usage Function : "-f14, 0, 0, 10.0"

Metric Total_Sum #Compartments
Minimum Average Maximum S.D.
Volume 1692 1553 (1) 0 1.08951 74.5406 3.1555
*All units are in microns

Values to consider : All

Output Interpretation :

The volume is computed by calculating the area of circle using pi*r^2*h, where r is the radius and h is the height of compartment. The above example, shows the total volume is 1692 microns.

Total_Sum = 1692 gives Total_Sum, Minimum = 0 gives minimum, Maximum = 74.5406 gives maximum for given input neuron.

References :
The compartments that form the soma are not considered for this study.