This function returns the number of stems attached to the soma. When the type of the Compartment changes from type=1 to others it is labeled a stem. These stems can also be considered as independent subtrees for subtree level analysis.

Function Output Type : Boolean

Calculated : At each point that is connected to soma

Returns a value : For each branch

Command Line Usage Function : "-f1, 0, 0, 10.0"

Metric Total_Sum #Compartments
Minimum Average Maximum S.D.
N_stems 3 3 (8) 1 1 1 0
*All units are counts.

Values to consider : Total_sum

Output Interpretation :

Since its a boolean function, the user should use total sum. Minimum, Average and Maximum values are all the same and are irrelevant.

References :
-Computes only for compartments that change from type=1 to others.
-One can use this boolean rule 'N_stems = 1' in specificity panel to limit the analysis to stems.