This function returns the number of bifurcations for the given input neuron. A bifurcation point has two daughters.

Function Output Type : Boolean

Calculated : At each bifurcation point

Returns a value : For each bifurcation

Command Line Usage Function : "-f2, 0, 0, 10.0"

Metric Total_Sum #Compartments
Minimum Average Maximum S.D.
N_bifs 3 3 (8) 1 1 1 0
*All units are count.

Values to consider : Total_sum

Output Interpretation :

Since its a boolean function the user should use Total_Sum value for this metric. The Minimum, Average and Maximum values are can be disregarded.

References :
- One can use this boolean rule 'N_bifs=1' in the specificity panel to limit the analysis to bifurcation points.